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Book, “Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese” by Tenaya Darlington


A guide to wedges, recipes, and pairings by Tenaya Darlington. A slice of history from the heart of Philadelphia.


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A guide to wedges, recipes, and pairings by Tenaya Darlington. A slice of history from the heart of Philadelphia.

Step behind Philadelphia’s largest and oldest cheese counter for a lively guide to pairing cheese with everything from beer and cocktails to olives and charcuterie. The store’s resident cheese blogger, Tenaya Darlington (known online as Madame Fromage), brings to life 170 of the world’s greatest artisan cheeses, drawing on stories and knowledge from the store’s third-generation owners. Di Bruno Bros, has thrived in South Philly in the Italian Market district for nearly a century, its ‘mongers dishing out cheese know-how and exceptional hunks to long lines of waiting patrons.

The book offers 30 recipes, from cheddar ale soup to tomato and pancetta strata, along with a dairy lexicon, notes on how to taste cheese, and a variety of themed boards: a fireside party, an all-goat blow-out, and an evening in Paris. The cheeses themselves are grouped by personality, ranging from the mellow baby faces to the vixens and stinkers (for those looking for a wedge that packs a punch) as well as recommendations for the perfect beer and wine pairings to help you make the most of your selection. Beautiful photographs serve to put names with wheels and wedges of cheese.

Tenaya Darlington is a blogger, novelist, professor of writing at Saint Joseph’s University, and journalist who runs the blog “Madame Fromage.” Since 2009 she has become Philadelphia’s busiest cheese courtesan, hosting monthly tastings, penning magazine columns about local cheese, and freelancing for the largest cheese counter in Philadelphia, Di Bruno Bros. Their collaboration led to this book, a tasty guide to cheese. She lives in Philadelphia.


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