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Croghan Bologna (1 lb. avg.)

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From the Croghan Meat Market. A classic Northern New York favorite since 1888.


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Croghan Bologna

CROGHAN, N.Y. From the Croghan Meat Market. A classic Northern New York favorite since 1888.

Fully cooked, traditional, coarse-ground ring bologna. Artificially colored. Serving suggestions: peel off natural casing, slice and enjoy with a sharp cheddar cheese and buttery cracker. Keep refrigerated.

Please note: each unit of Croghan Bologna is approximately 16 ounces, but they are packaged at a random weight, so some units may weigh a little more or a little less than this average. By purchasing, you agree that you are paying for a random weight portion of this product at a flat unit price.


Beef, Pork, Binder (Corn, Wheat, Rye, Oats and Rice Flour), Water, Salt, Spice, Garlic, Sodium Nitrite, Red 40.

Made in New York

Croghan Meat Market

Founded by Fred Hunziker, the Croghan Meat Market has been making ring bologna from his recipe he brought with him from Switzerland in 1888.

Collage of Croghan Meat Market imagery.

5 reviews for Croghan Bologna (1 lb. avg.)

  1. walliskelly834

    My family is from Lowville NY and I used to make special trips with my grandmother to the Croghan Meat Market! To this day our family makes trips to get the famous Croghan Bologna and of course cheese curd! I mean what’s one without the other!

  2. Nancy Gagnon (verified owner)

    I was born and grew up in Fine,New York and now live in Vero Beach,Florida.
    Croghan bologna is one of my favorites along with cheese curd. I order it online now because my son and I enjoy it a lot.

  3. Joseph Szoke Jr.

    I was born in Lowville, NY many years ago. I am in the Air Force and still brag about Croghan Bologna everywhere I travel. Still order it on-line and enjoy it down here in South Carolina quite often.

  4. P. R. Bourgeois

    I’m the 4th Generation to up on Crogan meats,Cheeses. I buy it And Will continue with Then next Generation with Crogan Products in our Refrigerator Crogan Products are the best Quality and Tasty at a Reasonable Price. Thank you to all The Nice Folks At Crogan meat market. Liverpool

  5. A. Sly

    A local staple… made with the same recipe by the same family for generations. if you’ve never had it, there’s no real way to describe it other than “tasty”! Whenever we have appetizers or some sort of get together where we want a nice local spread, Croghan bologna and cheese curd are a must, every time.

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Brand Croghan Meat Market
Country of Origin U.S.A.
Shipping Dimensions 6.5 × 8.25 × 2.75 in
Shipping Weight 16 oz
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