Cheese Explorer

Natural or washed rind? Fresh or aged? Cow or goat’s milk?

We’ve categorized our cheeses by these and many more criteria on our site. Browse the list of cheese types below, and click through to learn more about what it means, and what we stock.

Types of Milk

Black and white cow on green grass field.
Cow Milk Cheeses
Portrait of a goat outdoors in summer.
Goat Milk Cheeses
Five white sheep on a farm.
Sheep Milk Cheeses
A water buffalo standing on the green grass.
Buffalo Milk Cheeses
Red barn.
Other Milk Cheeses
Two buckets of white milk and cans cans in the background.
Raw Milk Cheeses
Two milk cans.
Mixed Milk Cheeses


Fresh cheese in plate placed on table.
Fresh Cheeses
Close up photo of young cheese.
Young Cheeses
Aged Cheeses


Closeup of Camembert cheese on a wooden table.
Soft Cheeses
Danish blue cheese.
Semi-Soft Cheeses
Semi-hard cheeses.
Semi-Hard Cheeses
Pecorino cheese on a plate.
Hard Cheeses


Fresh fruits and cheese.
Bloomy Rind Cheeses
Natural Rind Cheeses
Limburger cheese.
Washed Rind Cheeses

Special Dietary Needs

Vegetarian icon.
Vegetarian Cheeses
Vegan icon.
Vegan Cheeses
Gluten Free icon.
Gluten Free Cheeses
Low Lactose icon.
Low Lactose Cheeses
Organic icon.
Organic Cheeses
Non-GMO icon.
Non-GMO Cheeses
Kosher icon.
Kosher Cheeses
Halal icon.
Halal Cheeses

And More!

PDO/PGI icon.
PDO Cheeses
Made-in-NY icon.
Cheeses Made in New York
Made-in-NNY icon.
Cheeses Made in Northern New York
Strength icion by Hilmy Abiyyu Asad from Noun Project.
Cheeses by Strength (Mild to Strong)
Tongue icon by Cuputo from Noun Project (CCBY3.0).
Cheeses by Flavor Profile (Sweet, Savory & Balanced)

Product Tags

bacon (6) beer (2) blue cheese (4) bourbon (1) cave aged (1) cheese curd (4) cheese spread (7) horseradish (4) Italian cheese (2) local favorites (4) NY cheddar (18) smoked (5) spicy (24) store favorite (4) whiskey (1) wine (6) Wisconsin cheddar (5)

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We frequently get new and different cheeses in stock all the time, as some cheeses are only available seasonally (and just to keep things interesting)! If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can find for you.