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Swedish Bondost Cheese – Bechaz Riverdale Cheese (9 oz. avg.)

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Locally-made, Swedish-style, brine-ripened farmer cheese with fennel seeds.


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SKU: C0653 Category: Country of Origin: Domestic (Northern New York)

Swedish Bondost Cheese

CLAYTON, N.Y. Locally-made, Swedish-style, brine-ripened farmer cheese with fennel seeds.

Please note: each unit of Swedish Bondost Cheese is approximately 9 ounces, but they are packaged at a random weight, so some units may weigh a little more or a little less than this average. By purchasing, you agree that you are paying for a random weight portion of this product at a flat unit price.


Pasteurized whole milk, salt, rennet, cultures, fennel.





Cow Milk

Made in New York

Bechaz Riverdale Cheese

Bechaz Riverdale Cheese is a family farm and creamery located in Clayton, New York. Sprung from the combination of two multi-generational family farms (the Riverdale Dairy and the Bechaz Dairy), they carry on long-time family traditions of producing quality milk products.

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Additional Information

Brand Bechaz Riverdale Cheese
Country of Origin U.S.A.
Shipping Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × 0.875 in
Shipping Weight 9 oz
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