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Danablu PGI Danish Blue Cheese (4.4 oz.) - Castello


An intensely flavored blue cheese, aged over 60 days & imported from Denmark.


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Danablu PGI Danish Blue Cheese (4.4 oz.)

An intensely flavored blue cheese, aged over 60 days & imported from Denmark.
Traditional full flavored, salty & sharp. A semi-soft cheese made from cow’s milk.
PGI cheese.

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Honey, Pears, Roasted Almonds, Stout Beer, and Walnuts.


Pasteurized milk, salt, cheese culture, microbial rennet, P. roqueforti.

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Castello is an award-winning Danish cheese co-op, founded in 1893 by master cheesemaker Rasmus Tholstrup. Today, they produce a wide variety of cheeses, and import a number of their soft-ripened, blue, and young cheeses to North America.

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Protected Designation of Origin

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

The EU geographical indications system protects the names of products that originate from specific regions and have specific qualities or enjoy a reputation linked to the production territory.

PGI emphasises the relationship between the specific geographic region and the name of the product, where a particular quality, reputation or other characteristic is essentially attributable to its geographical origin.


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Additional Information

GTIN 093936503400
Brand Castello
Country of Origin Denmark
Shipping Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in
Shipping Weight 8 oz
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