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Feta Voras PDO (7 oz.)

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Creamy, crumbly, full-of-flavor “Feta of the North.”


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SKU: C0797 Category: Country of Origin: Greece

Feta Voras PDO (7 oz.)

GREECE. Creamy, crumbly, full-of-flavor "Feta of the North."

Handmade cheese from sheep and goats that graze on the mountains of northern Greece.

Mt. Voras rises above the Greek countryside hilled with pines and oaks. Shepherds still work its slopes and the rugged valleys nearby. This milk is transformed into Feta Voras by two brothers, Andreas and Socrates.

This is creamy, crumbly feta you can enjoy every day. Use it in a salad; with grilled vegetables; or simply on its own, with a dose of good olive oil and a shower of dried oregano.


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Country of Origin Greece
Shipping Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in
Shipping Weight 7.3 oz
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