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Do Californians Know About Cheese Curd?

A woman in San Francisco being interviewed about cheese curd.

It’s funny the things you take for granted!

We get orders for cheese curd from all across the country, but we have a feeling many of them are “expats”—people who used to live in Northern New York and have since moved out west or down south.

Anyone who grew up here (or in other dairy-producing areas) knows about cheese curd. But if you didn’t grow up there… would you?

FOX6 News Milwaukee went to San Francisco to ask some locals just this question.

If you still love cheese curd (or want to finally see what all the fuss is about), we carry both Great Lakes Cheese Curd made in Adams, NY and Bechaz Riverdale Cheese Curd made in Clayton, NY. And we ship almost everywhere!

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